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Business processes have evolved significantly over the turn of the century. The advent of cloud platforms, mobile computing, e-commerce, and other e-channels allows businesses to leverage technology to enhance their business. At IT Comp Sales & Services Sdn Bhd (IT Comp), we specialize in helping businesses deploy technology solutions that allow them to compete favorably in the 21st-century business landscape.

We provide comprehensive solutions for businesses that range from retail and e-commerce to deployment of web and enterprise business solutions. We also help organizations maintain their IT resource in top form. We are experts at what we do; all we need is a brief from clients so we can understand their business goals and objectives. After that, our team goes to work to execute projects and develop solutions that achieve our client’s objectives.The field of Information technology is broad and required collaborations to access top-notch IT resources required for various projects. That is why we partnered with leading technology companies across the globe. These partnerships enable us to provide top quality hardware and turnkey technology solutions for clients across industry verticals.We understand that technical support is paramount to the success of any technology-related project. Therefore, we offer clients concierge-level post-installation support for the products we sell and the technologies we deploy. We continue to embrace new innovations to provide solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

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To be the reference point for quality IT products and deployment of business technology solutions in Malaysia.


To help businesses enhance their operations and achieve their corporate objectives through our cost-efficient technology products and solutions.


In this 18 years, We’ve continue to improve our hardware technical skills, attending course to get involved in latest trend of knowledges.


Our operations and service delivery align with the norms and ethics of professional service.


To deliver a result that is a reflection of expertise and prowess in our industry.


Our long-standing reputation for excellence is our pride. We endeavor to always deliver on our promise.


We take all professional precautions to protect the wellbeing of our clients, personnel, and the environment.


We research for innovative solutions to achieve our client’s requirements, save cost, and increase efficiency.


We believe in adding value to our clients. Therefore, we work to attain absolute customer satisfaction.

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