Our Services


The proper functioning and computers and other related IT infrastructure within any organization are crucial to the smooth daily operations. However, there is a need for intermittent maintenance services to prevent a breakdown that will negatively impact businesses. We, proffer solutions for preventive maintenance of IT infrastructures such as Computers, Laptops, Printers and Network devices. Preventive maintenance is the best approach to ensuring the proper functioning of IT devices. In the event of a breakdown, our highly experienced personnel will take care of repairing the systems.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), Alarm and Door Access Systems have become essential proactive security measures for homes and businesses. The mere presence of security cameras prevents criminals from perpetrating crimes.  Our team of expert engineers and technicians handles the installation and configuration of security systems for our clients. We can configure ad-hoc security systems for a single site or cloud-based solution that takes care of multiple locations from a single control dashboard. We work closely with leading global brands to deliver quality and cost-efficient security solutions for our clients.


Our personnel have the required experience and certifications to install all types of networks using wired and wireless infrastructure and various hardware architecture. We apply our vast knowledge in delivering solutions that are specific to our client’s needs while setting up their office or expanding an existing network.  We understand the importance of security in a corporate networked environment. That is why we take proactive steps to secure your network right from the design stage.  We install firewalls that keep hackers at bay and segment the network to prevent unauthorized access by your staff.


Storage of your vital documents in your computer system or an external hard drive has become obsolete. With the advent of data centers, you can store your documents securely in a cloud drive and be able to access your files from anywhere across the globe. The use of cloud storage is essential for businesses as a contingency strategy for data loss. Your documents remain safe at our data center in the event of a data-loss disaster. The experts at IT Comp help your organization set up your organization to use our secure data center to store your vital documents.


We work closely with technology partners to provide online services, including domain name registrations, email hosting, and web hosting solutions. Our robust servers are backed by fast network connections with redundant backup to cater for the most demanding server load for your client’s website projects.  We avail our customers with cost-effective shared hosting solutions as well as dedicated servers. We handle server security issues seriously and have taken proactive strategies to secure our servers from all types of vulnerabilities in existence today.


While traditional businesses regard data as a burden, we see business data as a vital asset for your enterprise. With our big data services, your business can access advanced tools that give an edge over competitors. Our team of experts collect your business data from multiple sources and aggregate them into a single data warehouse.  Our end-to-end solutions handle the collation, processing, presentation, administration of your data. After that, your business can leverage data for business analysis, forecasting, and other types of business reports to make better business decisions.


Do you need an intranet or web-based application or one that is hosted on the internet where your customers can interact with your business online? Our team of developers can handle that for you. From business communication apps to commercial software, we develop all kinds of computer programs that serve your business objectives. We also integrate features that enhance security, data protection, and scalability. The end result is an application that evolves intelligently to handle your present and emerging needs.


Mobile devices have become smart and emerged as viable alternative computing platforms.  We create mobile apps that help your business streamline operations and deliver more value to your discontented modern customers. Our team of developers has expertise in creating mobile applications for Android and iOS, which are the two dominant mobile application platform. We listen to your requirements and leverage decades of combined experience to develop apps that guarantee increased efficiency and productivity for your business.